Griffin Family Reunion (Sept. 13, 2014)

Videos and pics below

A special thanks to two fine committee members that are very resourceful and are truly the background of a successful reunion (Ryan and Teague Griffin). Also, numerous contributions, both financial and physical at "making it happen" from them, and many silent contributors as well. Thanks!

And, a "great big hug" to Bettye Clem for her past reunions, resilience of traditions and values, knowledge and expression of Family history, as well as the energy to share it all.


Pictures furnished by: Nomi Martinson
Video camera furnished by: Debby Griffin

Link to Family Tree page

Bettye's Speech (Family History) click the box at the bottom to enlarge

Welcome to the Reunion

Some light chit chat before dinner (click on picture for enlarged version)

Hey, turn that camera off!

Registering, and checking the family tree

Getting to know each other

Randy, what do you know that we don't?

Where's the bathroom, I'm about to explode.

Who printed this thing? I see some mistakes.

Do you know any of these people? Nah, I was just hungry and decided to crash the party.

Hey Joel, pour me a little something. Rough crowd over here.

Where's the entertainment we were promised?

Where'd my baby go? Darn grandparents.

What's the bar have to offer?

Ok, gather around.

I'm tired of waiting, let's get this show on the road.

Now that is funny, I don't care who you are.

Happy Day!

Grandbabies are special

Is it time to eat yet?

Life Celebration

Jacki Manna performing

I haven't known McKenzie long, but what I do know, is that she is way too quiet here.

A great audience

A wholesome bunch

Wake up Adalyn

The show has begun

Fun times

What's up? (Keep moving the mouse)

Roll your mouse don't.

Fun Family Stuff

Bettye must be speaking

What's happening on the back row?

Adalyn, Jacki & Tristan

Learning to be a ventriloquist

Practicing with the puppet

Where's my mommy?

And, what a wonderful job by Bettye

Kids being kids

Fred Holt III and Bettye Clem

Exactly why a host shouldn't be allowed at the bar

Too many serious conversations

You boys in the back cut-out the business talk, this is a family gathering

Tim Griffin and family

Lindsay & Reid Griffin

Makenna Frei

Our spot for the day

Running and playing

Should we paint a face?

Time out................Let's eat!

Handoff, it takes a village.

Where's waldo? (John Belushi)

I'm going to grow up one of these days and get back at y'all for laughing at me.

Get that flash out of my grandbaby's face!

My belly is bigger, no my belly is bigger.

Why does food always draw a crowd?

Painting a face

Who is this little girl?

We can do this!

I do declare

If y'all would just listen to me.

We're minding our own business over here.
Hey Michael
Shiloh Martinson
The fun bunch!
I need a name here, somebody help me out.
Just a few knick knacks
How about a kiss with that deed?
I got money!
My man Ronald!
I like this Jacki lady, she's got a fun bag of tricks.
We can do this.
I'm thinking about going ahead and ringing that dinner bell.
This party is too quiet, let's do something crazy!