Five State Poker Run
The sun is coming up over the plains on the way to the Poker run (between Borger and Guymon)
A few folks are getting an early start from The House of Thunder
A unique three-wheeler (Cummins Diesel engine)
The street in front of registration
The second stop to get a poker card
The road just east of Kenton
The turn around at Colorado (I'm not sure where those bikes are coming from?)
Checkpoint #3
The Black Mesa trail
These folks are waiting on the accident recovery
I guess the gentleman went around the corner and lost it in the bushes?
Arriving at the ticket drop-off in the Black Mesa State Park
Taking a break in the Park
The fourth checkpoint at Elkart, KS
The last checkpoint and location of the BBQ. Many more folks arrived later

Some folks from Kansas invited me up to a Five State Poker run out of Guymon, OK. Here are some pictures I took along the way. It was a fun trip. (just click over picture to enlarge) May 8, 2004

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