My Trip to Alaska (UCC) June 2004
In Key West
Grain Storage bins in Saskatchewan
Grain Elevator
Mile 0 of the Alaska-Canada Highway
Jim Pierce at Liard Hot Springs
Friendly Bear
Loose Gravel at Jim's accident site
Jim laying in the ditch waiting on an ambulance
Jim's GS
The wrecked GS
The nice people that helped Jim at the accident
The highway patrol just north of Whitehorse, Yukon
Stabilizing Jim (He was checked out at the Hospital and released)
Don Kime and John Hargis at the Hostel in Tok, AK
Meeting Jack Gustafson in Glennallen, AK
Don Kime, John Hargis, Alan Leduc, Bob Moore, and Jack Gustafson at scenic overlook
The Alaska pipeline
Mount Wrangell
Moose Trail (Not motorcycle trail)
Thompson Glacier
If you look hard, you can see Bob and Alan approaching the Glacier
Now they're just to the right of the Glacier taking photos (another pedestrian close right)
We're taking a very scenic tour
Bob's Vstrom
Everyone is in awe
Notice the road we had to ride in on. Jack?
Very beautiful spot
Mike's place for lunch (in Valdez)
Jack is getting them pumped up for the second half of the tour (in Valdez)
In the distance, you can see the crude oil storage tanks for the Alaska pipeline.
John Hargis checking out the falls
Bridal Veil Falls
Jack and Bob at some falls
Copper Creek, these folks are parked out there?
John coming back from Copper Creek
Bob Moore
Roger's BBQ
Coldfoot Truckstop (last oasis before Prudhoe 250 miles)
Haul Road (Dalton Hwy)
Haul Road
Haul Road
Alaska Pipeline next to the Haul Road
Jon's accident sight (the two medical people were preparing him for travel in the RV. We were lucky to have the help) Notice Don Sills' Harley sportser, it's tough and so is he!
Oncoming Truck
Within 100 miles of Prudhoe
You can see Prudhoe in the distance, but yet it took forever to get there (notice the ice)
I made it, and I consider myself lucky
A dirty bike
The bike line-up at Prudhoe
Cafeteria style meals at Prudhoe ( you eat when they say you do)
I'm glad to have made it, because I won't need to come back.
Look real hard and you can see the Carribou
Haul Road
Tom and Steve preparing for the wrecked Harley
Dave, Robert, and Tom wrestling the Harley
Notice the left rear wheel missing? (antigun pass)
Alcan Hwy (near Kluane)
Kluane (Yukon Territory)
Another Bear (I saw at least 15 bears)
We have 18 wheelers, well....this is a thirty wheeler
Border crossing, almost home?

This is where my write-up will go later.