Big Bend Trip
March 26, Friday


Today was a very fun day. We naturally broke up into comfortable groups and went through the Park. We all left Marathon and ended up in Study Butte for our night's stay. At the end of the day, we all met at the StarLight Theater for dinner. Everything turned out to be just perfect including the temperature. The temps started at 31 and got as high as 97 during the day.

My group left Marathon at 9am and we went to Boquillas Canyon, then Rig Grande Village before going to the Basin to have lunch at the Lodge up in the mountain. After lunch, we went to Santa Elena Canyon before continuing to our motel in Study Butte. We arrived at the hote at 6:30 and made it to dinner at the Starlight at our predetermined 8 pm. Great day.

Parked at the visitor center at the entrance of Big Bend National Park
Bo and Joy at the entrance
Stephen at the entrance
Lance at the entrance
Eric, Ben, Joy and Keith at Boquillas Canyon
Joy, Karen, Keith, Ben, Keith, Steve and Bud
Keith is overlooking the Rio Grande river near Boquillas Canyon
Joy is just happy she's married to me?
Steve, Karen, Bud, Keith, and Joy
Keith contemplating a Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid "jump"
They are overlooking the river and some Mexican folks on the other side of the river. The trinkets just in front of Keith are placed there by the people from Boquillas, Mexico to get money. They sneak over on their horses and place trinkets for sale along with a donation cup. The Park Rangers advised us that the Park will fine us $200 if we're caught purchasing their goods. (The community of Boquillas, MX in the background)
At the same overlook with their walking sticks displayed in front of us.
Boquillas Canyon in the background
Joy, Eric, Keith, Bud and Karen in the parking lot at the lodge restaurant
Inside the lodge restaurant looking out at the mountains surrounding us. Keith, Joy, Paula, Armando (standing), Keith, Karen, and Bud
Peach Cobbler
Santa Elena canyon from a distance
a random man, Joy and Eric walking toward Santa Elena Canyon
Joy and Eric with Bud and Karen walking back from Santa Elena Canyon
Rose Ann, Tom, Richard, and Jim at dinner
Bob, Mike and Eric at dinner
Brant, Steve and Mark at dinner
Byron, Keith, Keith, Charlie, Britt and Lance
Picture on the wall at the Starlight
We were entertained at the Starlight
Gale and Dave
Mike (kneeling), Richard, Tom, Steve, Joy, Jim, Charlie, Keith, Rose Ann and Joe
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