Flying High


Buzz, Bob and David Griffin (2004)


Dear Buzz,
I’d like a few minutes to share some of my memories that continue to stick with me over time. Even as I seem to lose my memory (as many of us do), these thoughts continue to appear vivid. It did take me a day or two to write this, but not because the memories didn’t flow through my mind. But yet, because the tears were also flowing as well.

Specific Recall, but random in order:

Visiting your home in Northern California and witnessing my first remote controlled TV and a very large staircase. Our Uncle had made the big time, very proud. Thank goodness I was too young to remember the long ride with three brothers in the back of a station-wagon.

Hearing a low-flying yellow striped Cessna (N2525G) buzzing our farm house in Frisco and knowing it was our cue to pick-up our relatives from Wichita that were quick approaching for a very welcome visit.

Riding shotgun with You, Gus, Teague and Joy from Texas to Orange County in the P210 for the first time. We stopped in El Paso to spend the night. You showed us the ropes of international travel by escorting all of us to the dog races in Juarez, Mexico. Margaritas were 25 cents each and we took advantage.

Flying with you to Oklahoma City so you could do some research on an office complex. Upon departure to return, you had to declare an emergency because the plane was expelling some oil out the exhaust per the airport controller. We landed safely with the complete fire team welcoming us back to the runway. We jumped on Southwest and returned to Texas safe and sound. Years later, I was flying a 172 to Kansas and declared an emergency over the same OKC airport to greet the same rescue crew (magneto issue). I too, landed safely.

You invited me to attend a class in Dallas that you were teaching. The subject was Financial Management Rate of Return (FMRR) that compares various investments to each other as apples-to-apples. It enlightened and inspired me to continue that education with three successful CCIM courses (Certified Commercial Investment Member). It is skills that I value and use on a regular basis. Memories of the information is great, but the experience of your entertaining presentation of the information is even much more gratifiying.

You always welcomed my family into your home. I recall several trips to southern California and have too many great times to list. They involve all of your family and all of mine. It is some of my most valued travels. Whether it was the warm welcome, perfect atmosphere, dinner on Balboa Island, or loaning me the Mercedes to run to Venice Beach, it is with the most sincere gratitude, that I thank you kindly for those visits!

I only regret not getting to visit you and Gus in Mexico. I just didn’t have the resources to get to pursue that experience at the time. However, I’ve had to make San Miguel a targeted destination and stop on several of my trips to Mexico since then, to make up for it.

You’ve opened many wonderful doors. Keep a door open and a light-on for the one’s following your final destination.