Griffin Farm


Here's a few pictures of the farm. It is intended to be used for family and friends to enjoy their kids and grandkids in an outdoor environment. It is not a hunting destination, but be aware of it's wild animals. It still requires caution.

It does require a four wheeler or side-by-side to get access to the property and picnic area.

We just ask that you please be careful in what you do and allow your kids to do, and be responsible for your actions.

Also note:

There is not a bathroom on the property. However, Howe is just a short stroll down a county backroad.

Try not to disturb our local Beaver

Be advised the game warden and local cops check on things now-and-again. We have some history with poachers, mostly at night. If you happen to see the game warden during the day, just say hello and tell them you know me, no problem. They know we have some responsible daytime traffic.

We own 230 acres. However, the wooded area is only about 72, and the lake is about 10. BUT, we only own a northern portion of the lake, so respect the neighbors (Fence H-braces mark the line on the lake.)

Please respect the farmer (Eric) and his work. The tilled farmland needs to remain untouched.

I recommend some Off Spray to deter the pests.


Reid, Joy & Adalyn enjoying the trail

An overall view of a trail

Brother Chris showing off his fish

It's always interesting discovering new tracks and trying to guess at the intruder (or, are we the intruder?).

An overall view of the available trails over the 72 acres of wooded section

a couple of travelers you might see

An example of why you must use caution

Chris Covington showing off his catch

Brother Chris showing off my Carp

Reid and Teague making themselves at-home at our unique fire pit in the picnic area

Reid and Tate

Sitting around the imaginary campfire

Our new Kawasaki Teryx 4

Adalyn and Tate

Chris and Tate loading it to head home

Reid, Joy, Kowen, Monica & Adalyn riding the trails

Kowen, Monica, Joy, Reid and Adalyn riding the trail

The largest one so far (Chris and his Carp)

Five deer including two babies

This guy looks a little hungry

A big rain, now the lake is back to a normal level


We were sure having fun here. Then.............................

One stuck..................

Now two stuck............... (the creek has risen too)


Now, back to "do-able"

Teague testing the depth of the water

Andy, Teague, Todd, T.J. watching Chris preparing for the picnic.

A little last minute instruction

Tate and Johnny Mack trying to avoid the creek

The water level of the lake has exceeded normal limits and beyond the fire pit and seating area.

Reid, you go in first!

Kelly and Tate with fingers crossed (Shirley and Cliff in the back)

This motley crew double daring each other to get muddy.

Worm anyone?

Kelly and Bo blazing the trail for Teague to follow

Roxie and Halston exploring the fishing option

Look Dad, what did you catch today?

Let's go mudding?

Make yourself useful Teague, grab a winch.

Whatever you do, just don't get in that mudhole

If I could just have a minute to re-group, I'll be ready to go again.

Halston caught the big one!

Where do you want to be today?

Move over Adalyn and Reid, here I come!

Kelly and Cliff giving the fish another chance.

Halston, Bo, Adalyn, Reid and Joy planting Wildflower seeds

Everybody needs to throw a few seeds

A very unusual moment, Teague doing something.

Reid inspecting the seeds

Watch out folks..........................this work stuff will be brief for me


Adalyn, Reid, Halston, Hayden planting wildflower seeds at the farm

From the Dam (water is way up)

Lined up at the creek waiting our turn

Tate, Teague, Marty Scott and Kyle Bell tossing a coin to see who goes first

Marty and Kyle sloshing in the muck

Kyle's machine proving itself

Stopping in the woods to recollect (The water ahead is too deep)

Marty and Kyle continuing to test the machine (did well too)

Tate and Teague following suit.


Testing the water


Sloshing by the lake

Young Bucks

Afternoon Party

Party Poopers

They are calling this a lazy Daisy

Now this is one that we planted (Name? Maybe a Missouri Primrose)
We have (3) vegetable gardens planted as well. This is the only one that is fenced.

I found a Milkweed (04/18/16)

The Milkweed is the only plant that the Monarch will lay their egg on while heading northbound. If you look close, you can see an egg on the backside of a leaf (4/16/16). I hope to have follow-up photos

A Caterpillar on a pepper plant (at the farm), but not the Monarch species I was looking for.

Bees are here. Let's see how long they stay?

Taking Beekeeper class with Penny and Rosalee Dixon (pictures furnished by Rosalee)

And then there's this fellow who showed up out of nowhere

Can you find the deer in this picture?

I see some horns coming on

Now I know what has happened to my bird feed.

Horns are growing a little bit.

This one is looking a little pregnant?

Squirrels can become pests. Next time, I'm going to spray a little PAM on the wire and top of the house. We'll see......

Finally, a bird or two.

Now we were promised some butterflies? (5/29/16)

JoJo and Adalyn walking the trail

We've got it now

Now what do we do with it?

There's no getting away now

Butterfly Alley

I'm not sure what these horns are going to end-up looking like?

A little in-and-out action of the bees from the hive

What is so intriguing over here?

Show'em how to hammer Reid

Fourth of July on the shores (2016)

The big catch (Bo, Reid, Adalyn, Kowen and Teague)

Light my fire

I can do it better


Baby Deer walking around the farm

Snow-on-the-Prairie (brightens up the summer)

Bombus fraternus - Southern Plains Bumble Bee (on Sunflower)

Down to one hive. Had to combine after the second hive wouldn't accept a new queen.

Some Yellows, Purples and Whites.

The bees seem to be back to very active after the combining (10/2/16)

The Monarchs are passing back through southbound to Mexico (10/9/16)

Early morning view of the calm lake (11/24/16)

No hogs yet, but someone else is curious.

Mexican Plum (2/26/17)

Tate and his son Kowen at the farm preparing for the planting of wildflowers (5/7/17)

Preparing several spots for the wildflower seeds (Pollinator promotion)

Reid (Teague and Lindsay's son) and Kowen (Tate and Monica's son) in the tub used for broadcast seeding

Mixing sand with the Butterfly Retreat Mix (purchased from

Halston (Roxie and Johnny's grandson) and Adalyn (Teague and Lindsay's daughter) putting the final touches on the mix.

Getting ready to broadcast

Teague and Lindsay broadcasting the wildflower seeds (hopefully, it will rain)

And, on this same day, the honey bees decided to leave, and were hanging out in this tree temporarily. (I was able to get them back in their box. We'll see what happens next, 5/7/17)

Wildlife Feed Plots Plant Identification

Google Earth file linked here

(just right mouse button on link above, and "save target as". Once saved, click on the file to bring it up in Google Earth.)