A Loop around and through Galveston

March 2, 3rd & 4th

Bo Griffin, Bobby Fox & Armando Almeida are making a loop through the countryside so that I can pickup some Big Money Rally points along the way. We will stop at "The Spot" in Galveston and meet some fellow riders for lunch as well.

A link to Armando's pictures for the weekend

A snapshot of the Spot tracker that shows a trail of our trip
Armando at the Cotton Gin Cafe in Crandall (our meeting point)
We stopped in Crockett, Tx to have some Smitty's BBQ, but it was closed. This late night Mexican Restaurant had to suffice (and did, just fine).
Just one of my bonus points that I captured along the way. Everybody jumped in the ditch with me to help "light-up" the target.
Our cheap motel on the first night here in Livingston with a very handy awning.
Taking the free ferry ride from Bolivar to Galveston
Stabilizing the bikes for the ferry ride
This young man with the black hoodie placed potato chips on the floor to encourage the birds, then he froze still while they stole the prize.
Armando capturing the moment
Does anyone remember the Hitchcock movie "The birds"?
Arriving at the lunch spot on Seawall Blvd here in Galveston. Armando Almeida on the left, then Robert Killbuck following behind with Barb Smith at the top of the stairs.
Mark Del Pico, Bobby Fox, Armando Almeida, Robert Killbuck & Barb Smith
They have led me out in the dirt again, but definitely with a view.
This has been a great day.
Uh oh, the wind has just blown the tripod in our direction as we run to save it.
After touring the beach for over 40 miles (while actually riding on the beach for several of those miles), we arrive at Fayetteville, TX to spend the night at a quaint hotel on the square of this unique little town with a population of only 258.
Parking our steeds at the Country Place Hotel
Armando did some research and discovered the local Art show just across the Square. He's seen here mingling with the locals. Bobby is hiding and tasting the wine.

The artist was presenting his glass work that he had been creating over the last eight years. It was a special gathering that seemed to bring everybody in town out to take notice. Even the local deputy was escorting foot traffic across the road for safety.

After the art event, we walked over to Joe's Place for a fulfilling dinner and much more reflection of the day's event. However, there was more to come. Armando asked our waitress what her name was. In turn, she asked what each of our names were. Never short of a reason to engage, he asked her if she was going to write a song using our names? She didn't comment, but continued with getting our drink order. As our delightful dinner transpired, she returned to our table with our song written out on a scratch piece of paper much to our surprise. Not only did she have the song, she sang it as well, while integrating each one of our names within the song. Needless to say, we were obligated to be very fair with our tip for the evening.

From the second floor porch on Sunday morning. Things have definitely calmed down from the previous night's activities.
Another angle from the porch with the Court house as the centerpiece of the square.
This art gallery was on the first floor of the Hotel. The owner is an artist too.
Bobby was able to visit with the owner and he said, he used local settings and people for his subject material.
on every wall
Enjoying our breakfast.
Armando's influence has got us off the main road again.
A nice countryside ride.
A quaint little wooden bridge to end our ride together. We split with Armando back in Navasota and continued home. He headed toward Houston to meet with family.