A Loop Around Knox City, TX and back

March 15 & 16

I planned a route making a loop out west so I could pickup some additional Big Money Rally points along the way. Donald Hamm decided to surprise me by meeting me at Seymour, TX Friday night. Additionally, Stan Goodell also crashed our party at the Wildcatter Ranch for lunch. Fun Stuff.


Bellvue points, it requires my placard, the town population sign as well as my motorcycle.
It is required that I email the photo immediately from my phone
The info hits the Big Money Rally website real-time (or pretty close) Byers had a very large area on the Red River for four wheeling in the River bottom Sand.
Randlett, the most populated rural town of Farm Tractors I've ever seen?
Never saw the town, it's getting dark. From here, moseying over to Seymour.
Donald Hamm was waiting on me at Seymour with recommendations on dinner.
First points of the day
The day couldn't be much nicer.
I needed to stop at White's Deli in Benjamin for more points. However, I couldn't find the place. I stopped in a the small town general store, and the lady asked, why you want White's this early? Oh, I'm in this large Rally and just need to take pictures. She said, it's just next to the gas station. I said, I just came by there but there wasn't a sign that said White's. She said, stop in the gas station, their kids work there. I said, but I don't need to talk to anyone, I just want a picture. She said, yes, but they'll have to call their folks and they'll have to come down and set the sign out. Never mind, I wouldn't want to cause that much trouble.
So, after taking a second look, there is a sign on their BBQ pit. This will work. Thank you.
CountrySide bridge
Cruising down the Blvd, we notice this quirky painted tractor. Better take a photo.
Quirky painted Tractor in Knox City, TX
Rural America
And Again
Meeting Stan at the Wildcatter for lunch
The welcome inside the door

Lounge area

In the restaurant overlooking the Ranch
The entrance out in the distance
The Hotel
The Restaurant
A closer look at the road coming into the ranch
Oops, Stan got to looking way too close to Donald's tire and found this. And, it made it all the way home!
This is a picture out back of the horse stables in the distance. The gravel road next to it heads down to the Brazos River
A quick stop by Possum Kingdom Airport for some points
And, the Jacksboro Fire Dept. (very small sign)
One more
And, the last one for the day