Mexico Ride 2008


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Things that you will need:

  • Passport
  • Clear Title to your vehicle or written permission from your lien holder. It's good to have your registration too. In some cases your registration will work by itself (I don't rely on this)
  • Insurance
  • It will cost you $20 or so to get a personal permit to cross. It will cost you $20 or so to get a vehicle permit for your motorcycle. This will have to be paid with a credit card, because they will hold your credit card number in the event you do not return. If you do not return, they will withdraw approx. $400 from your credit card to pay import taxes on your bike. This is why you "must" return the permit upon exiting and most definitely keep the return paperwork to defend your departure in event that they charge your credit card wrongfully.
  • Website for travel info into Mexico
  • Expect at least $100 in tolls
  • Feel Free to take hard candy or other small gifts for children. There is always opportunity to give. I will probably take a sack of hard candy. It also works well at the Military checkpoints
  • The roads will be paved, but expect speed bumps (topes) in and around every town.

Terms or Phrases that could be handy:

  • Topes (Speed Bumps)
  • Policia (Police)
  • Bombero (Fireman)
  • Emergencia (Emergency)
  • Ambulancia (Ambulance)
  • Curva Peligroso (Dangerous Curve)
  • Zona de Falla (Falling Rocks)
  • Alto (Stop)
  • Ceda el Paso (Yield)
  • Aduana (Customs)
  • Restroom (Banos)
  • Comida (Food)
  • Habacion (Room)
  • Cuota (Toll Road)
  • Libre (Free Road)

Day One
May 17


Cotulla, TX to somewhere south of Monterey, maybe Galeana? (5,000 ft) I will ride to Cotulla Friday night after work
333 Miles

Cotulla Motel
301 N Main St
Cotulla, TX 78014
(830) 879-2336

Hotel Jardin in Galeana

Day Two
May 18
Galeana to Doctor Arroyo to Real de Catorce (9000 ft) to Zacatecas (7,700 ft)
344 Miles
Hotel El Real

Day Three
May 19
Zacatecas to Mazaltan
Or, maybe spend the night in Copala?
350 Miles

Day Four
May 20
0 Miles
Hotel in Mazaltan
Hotel La Siesta
Pueblo Bonita

Day Five
May 21
Mazaltan to Guanajuato
500 Miles

Day Six
May 22
Guanajuato, San Miquel, Bernal, Tequisquiapan & Zimapan or Xilitla
(120 from Bernal to Jalpan)
250 Miles

Hotel Royal Spa
or Guest House at Xilitla

Day Seven
May 23
Zimapan or Xilitla to El Carmen (Ciudad Victoria)
219 Miles
Hotel Santa Engracia
Day Eight
May 24
El Carmen to Cotulla
366 Miles
Day Nine
May 25
Cotulla to Prosper
415 Miles
Plan A
Mapsource File
Garmin Map
Plan B
Mapsource File
If we don't have enough time for Plan A, then we can eliminate Durango and Mazaltan and swing by the Gulf Coast on the way North
Hotel Real de Venados
Villas del Tordo