Mexico Ride 2008 Pics



Note to all: I did not give individual credits to the following pictures because they were submitted by all of us on this ride. I just can't remember who took what. We are all happy to share, enjoy.

Day One (Saturday May 17, 2008)

Day Two (Sunday May 18, 2008)
Day Three (Monday May 19, 2008)
Day Four (Tuesday May 20, 2008)
Day Five (Wednesday May 21, 2008)
Day Six (Thursday May 22, 2008)
Day Seven (Friday May 23, 2008)
Day Eight (Saturday May 24, 2008)
Stan Goodell, Steve Sandler, Bo Griffin and Don Bell left Texas on Saturday morning and took a tour through Mexico. Linked are our Pictures. They will tell the story. You can go to Star-Traxx and sign-on with "griffin" and use the password "griffin". You will be able to view our current location.
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