Mexico Ride 2008 Pics




Day One (Saturday May 17, 2008)

Stan, Steve and Bo (we crossed at Laredo and this is our first break)
Steve is easing down 85 (Cuota)
Stan is close behind
Then, there's this guy
Cutting through the mountains on the way to Santiago (notice the large cave in the mountain and it's size relative to the auto)
Our buffet lunch in Santiago (This lady was so proud to describe each dish in great detail. We didn't have a clue what she said but it sounded good. Notice the man pouring and smoothing concrete just behind her)
This was their grilled meat to go along with the buffet.
Stan, Bo and Don enjoying our lunch buffet at an open air cafe
A young recipient of Stan's candy (Wes taught me to pass out a little candy along the way, and Stan has perfected it)
Stan and Steve up in the mountains just west (oeste) of Santiago
Several waterfalls in that same area
Don is passing in front of a waterfall
We had to walk down a couple of steps to this waterfall
This one was by the road too
After leaving the falls we went south through Linares (what is this animal she has tagging along)
From Linares we went west through this mountain region
This gold statue was at the entrance of Galeana
Hotel Jardin is where we're staying for the night ($280 pesos)
These two girls were happy after receiving Don's gift of candy
Hotel Jardin is right on the Plaza with a good view of the mountains
Notice the tootsie pop in this young's man hand

Note to self for future reference:

  • The east side of Monterrey is not easy to navigate and also it is not very nice
  • Southwest of Juarez through the break in the mountains to Santiago was definitely "ok".
  • I did not like the congested area of Santiago and would prefer to avoid it in the future.
  • The mountain just west of Santiago on Hwy 20 was congested also. The waterfalls were nice but too much traffic around Santiago to make it worth the effort. The mountain was too steep and had too much gravel much beyond the Waterfalls.
  • The road south to Linares was too busy and in bad shape. I will try to avoid in the future.
  • The road west from Linares to Galeana was very scenic, however the road was in bad shape (quite a bit of gravel areas)
  • We all agreed Galeana was a great spot to spend the night. It was off the beaten path with no traffic and no tourist. It had a great setting in the mountains at 5000 feet.
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