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Day Two (Sunday May 18, 2008)
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Leaving Galeana first thing this morning
Come on Steve, this is a family channel (What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico)
Rural route from Galeana to Doctor Arroyo
Break Time
We enjoyed the scenery and leisure riding this morning
We saw a lot of this today
Be careful, water crossing. It had rained an incredible amount based on the standing water everywhere
Fueling up at Matehuala
Stan is riding up the road to Real de Catorce
It is always interesting what (who) you meet along the road
12 miles of cobblestone going up to Real
A more detailed view
The entrance to the Tunnel that leads to Real (This is the only access to Real)
The tunnel is wet and slick at the entrance and then it gets better
The tunnel is narrow and 1.3 miles long
I can't imagine carving this out
Once we got inside to Real, the area was so crowded we did a quick U-turn and waited to return
The ghost of Flash
The view once we came back out of the tunnel The temperature did not get above 75 degrees until we were headed south to San Miquel around 3 pm. The temps have been great so far.
We had intended on having lunch at a Restaurant in Real, but decided to grab a quick Gordita instead and get back on the road
Smiling faces.
Stan as we are departing Real De Catorce. Notice the buses in the backfround. There were at least 10 buses sitting there. After that, we went South to San Miquel de Allende from Real de Catorce. Our route has changed. Hwy 85 was so crowded on our way down yesterday, We want to avoid it going back. We've decided to re-route our trip. We're doing some Colonial towns over the next day or two and then we'll head to the Pacific coast. After that, we'll head directly home and avoid the Eastern Route
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Note to self for future reference:

  • Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the road south from Galeana to Doctor Arroyo
  • Doctor Arroyo didn't look interesting enough for me to ever need to spend the night there
  • Real De Catorce is way too busy and needs to be visited in the off-season, whenever that is. It is a unique place to travel to and see. I would come back but I'm not in a hurry to do so. Matehuala didn't look inviting.
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