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Day Four (Tuesday May 20, 2008)
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Steve's room in Guanajuato
Inside the bathroom area
A view from Steve's balcony
Another direction from Steve's room
Upstairs hallway
Another view of the street in front of the room with the tram in view
Artwork in the Lobby (Concierge desk)
Sitting in the Lobby making plans
Steve was leading the bunch on the way to visit the Mercado (market) in Guanajuato to start our day
Pollo (chicken) on the rotissire
Juice counter at the market
I had a carrot juice that was freshly made here in the market. This is the market where the locals shop. It was several blocks from our hotel
Lots of variety at the meat counter
Chicken Feet (found in the market by the plenty)
On our way out of Guanajuato
Most of our 300 miles today was spent on the Cuota (Toll Road) It cost us about $800 pesos ($80 US) to get to the most direct shot of the Pacific Coast (Costa). Our temperatures had only reached 86 before today. However, today, they reached a digit or two above 90 for about 40 miles or so. The majority of the time, they were below 86. Saturday, Sunday and Monday were much more pleasant.
A few banana farms between the Cuota and the playa (beach)
We first hit the beach at Santa Cruz. It was discovered to be unacceptable and we moved on.We initially passed this hotel on the way to San Blas (another 10 miles). Once we saw how discouraging San Blas was, we returned to this location. It is a wonderful spot to stop.
Our room is right behind our bikes. The ocean (oceano) is just through the columns. The room cost $350 pesos ($35 US) complete with air conditioning (no internet).
Our view from the back of the hotel
Stan is the first one to take a dip in our quaint little pool. We enjoyed it for an hour or two before sundown.
A view of our beachfront
A shot of the hotel from the water
I'm ordering something cold to drink at our restaurant by the water
Steve is making his family proud as he displays some of his best fashion
Our pool extended out over the beach. Try to find this for $35 in the U.S.
Awww, the sound of waves
Don Bell enjoying too much
Stan Goodell enjoying the simple pleasure

Note to self for future reference:

  • Steve pointed out that there was a Holiday Inn Express so my previous comment in reference to the Office Depot may not be true. I know we live in a Global World.
  • Guadaljara has lots of traffic and no bypass to get around it
  • The cuota is beneficial but expensive
  • Santa Cruz, Miramar and San Blas don't need to be repeated, however there are a few nice beaches in between
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