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Day Six (Thursday May 22, 2008)
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Fresh Squeezed
Sea Urchin
Riding to the market
We stopped for a little jugo (juice) in the market
She posed for us while in the market
This little piggy is already at the market
Anybody for a little cow tongue?
These boats are local charter boats
Checking out the ferry to Baja (just in case we decide to extend our trip?)
Transportation for everyone
Local fisherman parking area
slicing up the day's catch
Steve has made friends with our personal tour guide and pick-up (tour bus) driver
Stan is out killing time
Don had fish tacos for lunch
This couple is having a drink at the swim-up bar
hmmm................who took this picture?
Our bikes hanging out under the tree at the edge of the lobby
We're going up to the very top of this building to meet Glen Heggstad (The Striking Viking). He is on the top floor at the Penthouse. Don had made contact with Glen and had arranged for us to go by and say "hello".
Chatting with Glen with his World tour pictures in the background. Glen has ridden around the world to some very remote places on a motorcycle. I read his book in preparation for my trip to South America.
Stan, Don, Glen and Steve
On top of his building at his hot tub
A view of Mazaltan from Glen's condo
Glen is leading us to dinner
Walking to the street cafe
Steve, Don, Stan, Glen and Bo enjoying good company and dinner
This young lady sold us a rose during dinner

Notes for today:

  • We had one extra day to spend wherever. We chose to spend it here. It turned out to be much more than just a rest day. We got a great tour of the city. I had intentions on meeting Reed Roach (from Dallas) today to visit and share road stories, but we never caught each other. We were both at my hotel at the same time, but just didn't see each other. Stan and Steve described an orange motorcycle that came out of the parking lot at the same time they were returning from a walk. Don and I had been sitting at the beach area hoping Reed could make it by and just flat missed each other?
  • We met Glen Heggstad today. Don made the arrangements and it was much more than a pleasure hearing his many stories of his life-long adventures and some of his more recent travel adventures around the world. He was extremely giving of his time, home and experiences. It was a valued meeting by all of us.
  • To learn more about Glen you can go to his website that is posted above. If you have a lot of time and want to be entertained while learning more about Glen, then go to this forum link: The Adventure Riders Forum
  • This page starts in the middle of a long list of interviews with known riders. This link starts out rousting Glen out for the interview lead by Packmule. The interview takes several weeks with a question here and there while forum members comment along the way. It takes time, but Glen gives some complete answers (with documentation in some cases) to his past.
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