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Day Seven (Friday May 23, 2008)
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Reed, Jonathan and Ben Roach joined us for the ride toward home today. We had been trying to meet each other the day before but never made the connection. They are here at 7 am ready to ride toward Texas.
Steve talking to Ben and Jonathan at our breakfast stop up in the mountains
This mother and daughter team at this in-the-mountains roadside cafe, fed us this morning.
Desayuno (breakfast)
Mangos near our cafe
Bano (restroom) near our cafe
Two kids near our cafe in the mountains
We crossed mountains for many miles heading north toward Texas
Rest stop
This mountain range is considered the Devil's backbone of Mexico and it lives up to it. It is a "must do" on the list of roads to ride.
I wished I would have taken more pictures through the rough part, but I was white knuckling it through those areas. Safety first.
The Roachs pulled up at one of our rest stops. We leap-frogged each other all morning
A little bit of road construction
Don, Steve and Stan with some twisties in the background
Don and Bo
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