Mexico Ride 2008 Pics




Day Eight (Saturday, May 24, 2008)
We stayed in the hotel last night with secure parking through that garage door. It was $450 pesos or $45. (I split a room with Don, so it is $22.50 for me)
Looking from the lobby back to our room in San Pedro, Coahuila, Mexico
In the Lobby looking out the front door
In the garden area looking toward the Lobby and front Door
It's are to see how these cattle exist on the Salt Plains (click and enlarge to see the cattle). How far do they have to walk just to get water? What do they eat?
Some of the Scenery going north from San Pedro to Monclava
Don riding next to some serious hard rock
We stopped in an extremely small town to ask directions (direcciones) at someone's house. The lady asked if she could take a picture of her son on our bike in return. It sure seemed like a great trade to me, and the directions were good. It was a good opportunity for Don to hand out a sucker. He was not sure what to think about the whole circus that just swooped in.
A short 30 minute wait in line at Acuna to exit Mexico

Notes to self:

  • Great Trip
  • Like many have advised, it may have been too many miles to enjoy all there is to enjoy.
  • I liked Mazaltan, but it needs to be a separate trip than the rest (too much out of the way)
  • The mountains between Mazaltan and Durango were wonderful. We had a blast riding through there. The breakfast on top of the mountain with Reed and his sons was top-of-the-line. I'm glad I got to experience that
  • The top of the mountains was 55 degrees, it can get cold
  • Durango through Torreon and on up to San Pedro was not too glamorous. I won't have to go back soon.
  • San Pedro is a farming community but I could spend the night there again if I needed to.
  • Acuna made a good place to cross with the aduana (customs) office being placed at Allende
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