Traveling to Mexico (San Miguel de Allende)
Friday, January 2, 2015


One of the reasons to ride this trip was to join Robert on his one-way ride to San Miguel (his home) with his new KLR. In return, he offered us a stay at his house while in San Miguel. The hospitality was overwhelming as demonstrated in these pictures. In addition to that, he took us to town and treated us to dinner Friday night. Fun for all of us.

Some people had to work today.

Roads are subject to change

Downtown Delores Hidalgo is busy

Downtown Delores Hidalgo too

We made a brief loop through Delores Hidalgo then stopped to take-off some liners

Stopping in Guanajuato for lunch

Does that sign say "no parking"?

Casa Ofelia for lunch, while she watches our bikes (Herman standing inside the door)

Robert skipped breakfast just so he could make-up for it at lunch

Parking in Robert's yard here at San Miguel de Allende

The view back toward town from the yard

Nice to get out of the saddle

None too soon, let's get off this thing for a while.

The entrance to Robert's house. This is where we'll stay tonight.

The house has 3 levels, we're just using 2 of them. Up the stairs is to level 3

Dave's Room

Bobby's room for the night

Bobby's bathroom

The kitchen on the second level

Bikes in the yard

The living area on Level 3

Dining area and Kitchen on Level 3

The outside porch on Level 3

Same level, but different viewpoint

Now that I've taken my shower, Robert decides to light the hot water heater?

This view is from level 1, no one stayed on this level.

A view down-over the city from Level 3

A closer view

Dave and Heman quick-stepping-it downtown. Not because they wanted to, but because the hill was so steep.

I think if we walk fast enough, we can lose those other two!

Some cobblestone is better than others. And, this is the good stuff.

Bo, Dave, Herman, Robert and Bobby taking a photo-op on the way downtown.

The whole gang, plus Dale on the right. Robert's San Miguel friend.

Julieta (on the left) joined us as well. Dale and Julieta briefed us on Mexico and San Miguel over dinner. Thanks to all. (photo by Robert)

A shot down over the city (same as shot earlier today, from Bobby's camera. Mine has quit working)

A closer shot of the same thing


The entrance into Guanajuato (tunnel)

Departing Guanajuato after Lunch

My video camera ran out of battery power and I wasn't able to record the final ride into Robert's house, but here's the approach to town.


Some pictures contributed by Bobby Fox

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