Traveling to Mexico (San Miguel de Allende)
Saturday, January 3, 2015


Today was all about things on the road. We were positioning ourselves back in Texas, so we could have an easy ride home on Sunday in the anticipated cold weather. However, the plan changed quickly this morning when we determined too many people were headed to Laredo (our intended destination). Luckily, we changed our mind and headed to Del Rio instead. Once we crossed the border and settled-in at a hotel, walked across the street for dinner, Dave checked the wait times at Columbus (Laredo) Border crossing. The internet revealed 240 minutes of wait time. Just crazy, but glad we changed our minds and opted for the 10 minute wait that we experienced at Del Rio.

Small old church at a rural down just down the road from Robert's house.

Load of onions ready to be sold

Here we are taking an alternate route (?) around an accident.

Another hold-up, this time it's the wait to get through the toll gates.

Same thing, but a different toll gate.

This line is a result of the Military checkpoint (beggars on the side of the road)

More beggars (old and young)

Now we're having to wait in line just to get gas?

Each one of these pics represent a separate back-up

Let's split the mountains

Can we do it?

Yes, I think we can!


And, that's the end of the road. We'll see you again some day.







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