Traveling to Mexico (Tulum area)
October 15th


We all met in Pharr, TX Tuesday night and we've starting our trip today. We passed through Tampico today. We'll be passing through Veracruz, and Villahermoso on the way to the Tulum area.

Today's ride was fun and exciting mostly because of the change in road surface as well as the varying amounts of heavy traffic. The road is always your biggest threat down here, although there are others as well. The Federal Police was stationed in more places along the road than we've seen in the past. However, we didn't see as much military presence as normal? I'll just say, our first day felt pretty safe.

We ended up in Tuxpan, Veracruz, Mexico and it is one of the nicer towns to stay at, and sits on the waters edge (larger river or lake that feeds into the Gulf).


All the players on the trip: Stan Goodell (left to right), Donald Hamm, Herman van Beek and Bo Griffin. We're just inside the Mexican border and starting our trip.

Just cruising along the boulevard. Notice the Federal police just to the left of us. (I'll have to reposition the camera tomorrow. I just bought it and hadn't prepared for where I would set it.)

Stan circled town a couple of times, then picked out the nicest place to have lunch.

I didn't bother reading the menu, because I can't. Herman has some experience with it as well as Stan. The bottom line, we didn't go away hungry.

And, it seemed to go down just fine. (Herman on the left, Stan on the right.)

Oops, where did that pavement go?

Now they're detouring us off the gravel on to something else? Every mile brings a new surprise. (Herman pictured)

I have no idea what Stan said to cause this reaction. Only Stan knows? (click to enlarge)

Donald blending in with traffic in a suburb of Tampico

On the south side of Tampico at another toll booth for something. You're either paying for going to the bathroom or going down the road, it's always something.

Remember when we used to ride in the back of pickups like this? Not a practice that you see as much around home anymore.

Walked to the local outdoor Pollo restaurant to enjoy some chicken

Dividing up who owes what at the restaurant. I'll get a few pictures of the lake and add below.

Stan and Herman standing in front of our hotel

The view from our hotel


Today's video (just a snapshot of how the day's ride was)


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