Traveling to Mexico (Tulum area)
October 16th


Today was the first day of an all day experience in foreign terrain. It was much more of a tropical feel. We had some yesterday toward the end of the trip, but today was all day. And, the second half of the day, was very wet.

We saw all kinds of fruit and sugar cane in the fields as well as the fruit stands along the way. Just a few were: bananas, coconuts, and pineapples. Many more were hanging from some trees (lemons, oranges, grapefruit and Mangos)

Many street vendors in the middle of the road selling various items

A brief look at the water. Although we were riding right beside it most of the day, we didn't actually see it that much.

You have to look very close to see the bananas hanging from the tree. (sometimes wrapped in plastic) We saw quite a few of these.

We stopped for a minute to get our bearing with the map, so I took a minute and shared some candy with this bunch waiting on a bus.

Lunch Stop

Young girls getting out of school

Our security guard while eating lunch

Cutting up a tomato for our pico de gallo

Heating our tortilla

a peek into the cocina watching the ladies prepare our food

This one got away, I guess we'll have beef for lunch.

Enjoying the sacrifice of our food.

Mixed meat and pico on a tortilla. We had plenty.

A little rain had begun while Stan meets the modern day chicken bus

A little more rain while riding under several tree covered canopies today.

Street vendors will get right up in the road with you. Raindrops continue to clutter my lens.

Muddy road detour (briefly)

The lesser expensive taxi

Stan getting splashed in Coatzacoalcos (where we are spending the night)




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