Traveling to Mexico (Tulum area)
October 17th


Today was somewhat short in mileage, plus the road was in pretty good shape, so everything moved along pretty good and we got to Escarcega at a decent hour. In fact, it went so well, we made a small side trip to Palenque, Chiapas to have lunch.

Crossing the bridge leaving Coatzacoalcos this morning. You fellow motorcycle riders all know just how much fun a steel grate floor can be.

Very industrial area as we're leaving town

Just entering the ass-end of Villahermosa, or at least it smelled like it. Reminded me of Cali, Columbia. Stan already starts the lane splitting.

And, a suspension bridge in Villahermosa

This gentleman (Przemek) from Poland just rode up to say hello. He, and his friends, are riding all the way down to Argentina. Very interesting to stop and visit with someone on such a journey. He spoke very good english and was very friendly.

Just arrived at our lunch spot in Palenque

Resting steeds while we have lunch

They almost look like they could go ride some more.

From a different angle, but didn't get any better. The subjects are still the same.

Church in the center of the square here in Palenque

Looking toward the small mountain with the low hanging clouds. Temperature all day varied a few degrees +/- near 78 degrees. However, it was so humid I couldn't hardly control the perspiration during this photo session.

This vision impaired gentleman is making the best of his day by providing a service for this nice lady.

Next time we're through here, we'll have to stay at this hotel.

Traffic is backed-up here while they unload this dump truck.

A little more construction as we're leaving Palenque.

This nice couple is from Hungary and they're on their honeymoon bicycle ride all the way down to Argentina. They are Zita and Arpi.

The very same Hungarian couple are shopping for pastries from a bicycle vendor. If I would have been riding those bicycles, I don't think there's near enough food to fuel this body.

Inspecting a potential room for the night. I guess we'll take it.

Getting ourselves oriented to our new facility for the evening.

Getting them all parked and stowed away.

How many fat boys can you get into a mexican taxi?

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