Traveling to Mexico (Tulum area)
October 18th


Today's flight went really well. We just had about 300 miles to go in order to get to Stan's place near Tulum. It rained several times along the way. The temps ranged from 74 to 88, and the 88 was very short-lived.

Starting the day on some smaller roads

Donald stopped briefly to make a re-adjustment while Herman supervises.

Let's get that pace up there and get this day started. After all, we have 300 miles to go.

Wait a minute, let's have breakfast first.

Breakfast cocina (kitchen)

I have a feeling, if I came back for lunch, I would get some fresh chicken (pollo fresco).

She tended to us this morning.

And, with a smile (I failed to get her name).

Herman, Bo & Stan (where's Donald?).

Don't you wish you were here?

Every town has a statue, some are more noticeable than others.

A little spot along the road you can stop and have some juice. We're too early for them today.

Military checkpoint. We went through several today.

More of the same.

More street vending

We've seen a few goat-herders along the way, but I'm real sure this is the youngest one so far.

Lunch spot

Lunch preparation with a smile.

Preparing our pico de gallo

Feel fortunate with what you have.

We live in glitz and glamor every day, some do not. (The mother is sleeping in the background and the little girl would turn away when I reached for the camera).

Arriving at Stan's place (Stan talking to Mauricio)

Video below includes arrival


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