Traveling to Mexico (Tulum area)
October 19th


Today is our first full day at Stan's house, where we will be for a few days. Herman and I made a small excursion to Valladolid, Yucatan for lunch. Everyone else hung out at the house for some rest and relaxation.

You have a weedeater, Mexico has a machete. He uses his left hand and stick to prop-up the weeds, then cuts it with his right hand.

A small scooter group passed us up today. It's unusual to see very many bikes riding in groups for fun. It's mostly just transportation.

Getting close to downtown Valladolid

The gentleman gave me permission to take this photo. The lady apparently did not.

The local variety show

The crowd for the variety show

More of the crowd

A closeup of the talent

A local pork dish (Cochinita pibil) here in the Yucatan for lunch

A local family stopped to take a picture of Herman's bike

They jumped at the chance to sit on it as well

A local walking parade marched by during our lunch. They come by every day during the month of October for the "Knights of October"?

Local kids in the park eager to pose

We can't have a day without rain

Hello Taxi

Stop dreaming of living in a Mansion some day, you already do! (do you see the owner?)

There's not much left over at the dinner table for the hogs

Gina is my subject while I'm testing my waterproof camera. Tomorrow will be the real proof?

Stan, Donald and Raymond posing for this evening's shot (taken from my room).

For more details on this spot, click here.

Ok, here's our new line-up: Stan Goodell, Herman van Beek, Janie Hamm, Gina Overstreet, Ryan Overstreet, Raymond Overstreet, Donald Hamm, Joy Griffin, and Bo Griffin (Me)

The same line-up with our 4 local hosts and caretakers: Norma, Samuel, Maria & Maricio

A different angle showing the kitchen in the background (all outdoors).

Maricio entertaining us with his skills (our dessert dish)

Same photo without a flash


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