Traveling to Mexico (Tulum area)
October 22nd


Still more rain today. Regardless, I got the bike out of the shop and the mechanics did a wonderful job. It rode and felt good during the 84 miles back to the beach house. He totally stripped down the drive shaft and final drive area (had pictures recording the whole process). All he could find was a small steel rod (looked like a nail) sticking through the tire tread and beating on the swing-arm assembly. He replaced the fluid in the transmission and final drive and showed me the used hydraulic fluid as well. Charged me 1,916 pesos and I was happy with the work. There again, it felt very normal going back to base camp. Tomorrow, Herman and I are going to discover Belize.

The road getting out to the highway after a little rain.

Raymond is upstairs looking down on me. Tomorrow will be dry and we'll go play


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