Traveling to Mexico (Tulum area)
October 24th


We had a very enjoyable dinner and visit right there at the hotel restaurant. The girl that waited on us was from England. It rained all night last night.

We got up at 6:30 (Texas time) and started our departure from Belize back to Tulum. (Belize is one hour earlier than we are, same as Florida.) We had a little rain along the way, and there was a few mud spots, but mostly in the towns. The country roads were much better than the roads were throughout the whole town (city streets are in bad shape).

It was funny that when we left Belize they charged us $20 for exiting the country. The funny part is mostly because the immigration lady was bragging about not charging us for entering their country. I had commented on it being the easiest country I had ever entered, and I was pretty sure it was the cheapest. (She didn't mention at the time, that it was going to cost us to exit!) I'm not sure if I've ever paid to leave a country?

The bottom line is, regardless, I'll be back. I enjoyed it, and left some unfinished business.

Herman and I stopped and ate in Tulum on the way back to the beach house. Upon arriving back at the house, I saw Raymond and Gina kayaking out to do some snorkeling. I had the notion, and it was a good time for me to go also. Ideas are sometimes better than reality. The kayak didn't like me too much and I wasn't so fond of it either. After losing my goggles, I gave up on the process and wandered back to the beach. The rain set-in soon afterward and we just watched the weather the rest of the evening. A great place to be stranded.

Leaving Belize

Kids entering the bus from the rear door. Getting a little bit of rain too.

The streets of Corozal, Belize were very sloppy (all the way through).

Just back into Mexico, this family was waiting on a bus or something. I stopped to give this little girl some candy, but she started crying when I started to get off my bike. I'm sure the man in the monster suit looks a little scary. However, she seemed to get over it when I handed her the candy.

Stopped in Tulum to power-up before taking on the Kayak (it didn't help).

Herman's always my model for the pictures. (Herman, you really do need to wash that bike.)

The kayak has thrown me again. Gina and Raymond will save me.

The storm is a brewing, let's get out of here.





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