Traveling to Mexico (Tulum area)
October 25th


Nothing too much to report today, just having fun riding the roads of Mexico while heading toward home. It can be very entertaining. My pictures won't reflect the entertainment, but know it is here.

Riding the road, but knowing I'm lucky to be riding what I'm riding.

Heavy rains over the last few days have left things saturated

Donald, why are you sitting on the side of the road (out-of-gas take one)

Donald, now why are you sitting on the side of the road a second time (out-of-gas take two).

Stan, what are you drinking?

A variety of folks are always walking down the road

Tortillas for our lunch

Preparing our tacos

Anxiously waiting

Scenery from our lunch spot

Tire shop right on the road

Even lesser expensive taxi

What's she selling?

Ok big boys, get out of my way.

Rain is looming.

I'm pretty sure those are Agave (used for making Mezcal and/or some varieties used for Tequila)

Teasing us with a sprinkle or two

Military checkpoint

Getting close to Villahermosa

Now we're feeling some rain


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