Traveling to Mexico (Tulum area)
October 26th


Stan doesn't get to continue home on the Motorcycle.

As we were pulling out of Villahermosa in the fog this morning, I was thinking there wouldn't be anything more interesting to photograph. I think I've seen everything there is to see up and down the road, what could be undone?

No sooner did we get rolling up on the Autopista, the traffic came to a dead stop. Hmmm (?) what could be causing that?
After weaving our way through all the parked traffic, we came to this.
Apparently, the fog caused this driver to lose control
Another look from the other side
Not much farther up the road, Stan hits these two left holes in rapid succession.
Next thing you know, he's wrestling his bike, but he ends up safely on the side of the road.
The front tire splits and results in a blow-out and loss of control.
In addition to the front tire, the rear shock broke loose from the swingarm assembly. The bike is done!
Another view, shot from the bottom of the bike.
Therefore, we're all stuck on the side of the road trying to figure out what to do. We start we calling roadside service that comes with our insurance. After Herman talked to her for 42 minutes, she said someone would be there in 3 hours?
Meanwhile, we look up the road and discover a cattle drive is on it's way. Mind you, this is an autopista (toll road)?
Sure enough, here they come.
Before too much time had expired, this gentleman stopped and offered a ride. He said he was a fellow scooter rider, and he wanted to help. (And, he truly did). He gave the bike a ride to Coatzacoalcos for starters. After that, he found us another driver to continue the journey all the way to the only BMW shop in the area, VeraCruz (200 miles away).Not only did he find another driver, he loaned his pickup to continue the journey (and, wouldn't accept money for the use of his pickup). Stan, the bike, and all of us in tow, drove to VeraCruz to drop the bike at the only shop in 500 miles that could get the correct replacement parts. Stan remained in VeraCruz to confirm the dealer could get the parts, then he'll fly home, and return on another day to retrieve it.
Riding back in Coatzacoalcos in the downpour looking for the new driver to continue the trip to VeraCruz
Naked lady statue
A quick snapshot of the view from Coatzacoalcos

Directly in front of Stan in the white shirt is the gentleman that offered his truck to be used to transport. The kid in the striped shirt is our replacement driver to take us on to VeraCruz. The other two lady and gentleman are the pickup owner's mother and dad. (I'll have to get their names later.)

The state police was all over Veracruz.

Our home for the night, El Palmar Inn


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