Yazoo City Ride-to-Eat

Pictures and Comments




I met Allan Hanoski in Linden, TX at the Motel Friday evening. We rode out to Vaughan's Catfish for a late night dinner and it was good. We got up early the next morning and headed out through northern Louisiana. It was a nice ride until I had a flat tire over close to Mississippi. The rear tire definitely did some fish-tailing as it deflated quickly. We plugged it, then slimed it. I rode 50 mph for the first 50 miles, then sped up a bit to meet some fine folks at Clancy's. I was a few minutes late and had to spend my time on the phone tracking down a replacement tire, so I didn't get to visit like I would have liked to. I thought the food was good. I did find a tire in Greenville, MS with the help of Fletcher Clark. They were real prompt to help, but I wasn't able to enjoy the back country roads that I had planned. Regardless, it was a wonderful trip. Alan and I had dinner at the Bourbon Mall in Bourbon, Ms and returned home the following day. I have a couple of pictures of the trail along the way and the lunch at Yazoo. The folks that were present at lunch include:

Greg Blewett
Jeremy Lovall
Ron Melton
Fletcher Clark
Jim Ragon
Doug James
Bill Neese
Dean Barber
Reed McAtee
Joe Minga
Charlie Clemmer
Chuck Ellis
Mike Harper
Ronnie Pittman
Alan Leduc
Don Braziel
Bo Griffin
Allan Honoski
Martin Frankford

Clancy's (photo by Ron Melton)
The Gang out front (photo by Ron Melton)
Enjoying the fellowship (photo by Ron Melton)
Inside eating (photo by Ron Melton)
The beautiful ride over
Allan crossing the Red River
Allan crossing the Red River on the way home We stopped in Roxton, TX on the way home for a cold drink.