Just some photos I've taken this year

This year's Spot tracker via Spotwalla.com
Police Station in Addison, TX
Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville, TX
USPS in Dallas next to my favorite Cosmic Cafe (you should try it)
City Hall in Denton, TX
Cavanaugh Museum in Addison
Railroad station in Gainesville, TX
USPS Las Colinas
Muslim Cemetery
Mustangs in Las Colinas (the white shirt coming out of the building is security coming to run me off?)
Cattle drive downtown Dallas
USPS in Ponder, TX
Bank in Ponder, TX
Caboose in Ponder, TX
Welcome to Texas
Welcome to Oklahoma
Lake Murray Lodge, OK
Marietta, OK
Cranfills Gap Post Office
The Horny Toad at Cranfills Gap
Clariette, TX
Old School buildings at Clariette
Glen Rose, TX
Fossil Rim at Glen Rose
Dinosaur park at Glen Rose
Comanche Peak at Glen Rose
Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose
Loco Coyote BBQ at Glen Rose
Hico, TX
Billy the Kid Statue at Hico
Koffee Kup at Hico
Llano, TX
Cooper's in Llano
Mason, TX
Cooper's in Mason, TX
Taqueria in Mason
McGregor, TX
Don Citrano's Coffee House in McGregor, TX
Whitson, TX
Mother Neff Park
Waxahachie, TX
Court House in Waxahachie
Italy, TX
The Starship in Italy, TX
Waco, TX
Texas Ranger Museum in Waco, TX
West, TX
Caboose in West, TX
Natchitoches, LA
Historic district in Natchitoches
Jazz Festival in Natchitoches
Alligator Park at Natchitoches
Enchanted Rock
Bluff Dale, TX
The Greenwood Club at Bluff Dale
Bridgeport, TX
Decatur, TX
Courthouse in Decatur
Petrified Gas Station in Decatur
Granbury, TX
Jesse James Gravesight in Granbury
Mineral Wells
Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells
Stephenville, TX
Hard 8 in Stephenville
Tolar, TX
Windmill farm at Tolar, TX
Weatherford, TX
Courthouse in Weatherford
Paris, TX
Eiffel Tower, Paris, TX
Jasper, AR
Cliff House at Jasper, AR
Kingston, AR
B&B Kingston, AR
Mt Nebo, Arkansas
Giant City State Park, Illinois
The Parking Lot from the tower at Giant City State Park
Buck's Bike at Giant City State Park
Hello Colorado
Hello Bishop's Castle
Welcome to Alaska
Welcome to Hyder
Welcome to Oregon
Welcome to California
Welcome to Arizona
Welcome to New Mexico
Welcome to Tucumcari
Welcome to Amarillo
Welcome to Muskogee, OK
Submarine located in Muskogee, OK
Austin, TX
San Antonio, TX
Bracketville, TX
Fort Clark Springs at Bracketville
Antlers, OK
Talihina, OK
Queen Wilhelmina Lodge, AR
Basin Spring in Eureka Springs, AR
Balm of Life in Eureka Springs