BMW Multi-Club Campout Pics from October, 2010


Charlie Smith Bo Griffin Graeme Peart
Barry Nelson Armando Almeida Beth Peart (Graeme's daugher)
Rick Burgess Paula Almeida Allan Hanoski (rode to Honobia)
John Westcott   Jim Wright (had breakfast with us at departure)

This link will take you to Armando and Paula's pictures. They both shot some good photos throughout the weekend. Armando used his new trick camera.

We met at Spoon's in Mckinney to have breakfast. I have never felt so unwelcome at any restaurant before as I can recall. The same feeling didn't change throughout the breakfast gathering. The same welcome was followed by slow service and we didn't leave before 9 am. I won't be back.

Jim Wright had discovered a large chunk of his front tire missing before leaving home, so he just met us for breakfast and returned to mend his situation.

Once we departed Spoon's, the day was much better. We had a meandering ride up past the Carpenter's Bluff bridge and on to Boswell, OK for our first break. After departing Boswell, we crossed through our first festival of the day at Antlers, OK. It would be the theme for the day. The Antler's festival was very busy and had us in stop-and-go traffic. That would typically be very unusual on a trek through rural America.

The second festival was at Honobia which was our planned lunch break. We were met there by Rick French who had spent Friday night at the Talimena State Park. Also, Allan Hanoski departed us there so he could get back home for some other weekend activities.

We had a variety of choices for lunch and most was opted on. Although, I didn't see anyone eat any funnel cakes. I did see some chili dogs, Indian Tacos, Chicken on a Stick, a german meat pie, and some homemade ice cream. Barry Nelson sat next to a guy that told a real life Big Foot story. A young lady approached us to sell us a few chances on a cross-bow to support the Buffalo FFA. She didn't have a Big Foot story but maybe she'll bring us good luck toward a cross-bow?

We departed north and rode up the Indian Hwy to Talihina to refuel and progress another 7 miles to the Talimena State Park. We wandered around the park for a moment, then chose a spot to set-up camp. Armando and Paula rode back to a Horse Ranch where they had reserved a cabin for the night.

Once we set-up camp, everyone grabbed a chair and started an early afternoon visit accompanied by a few beers that appeared from nowhere. During the relaxation process, Graeme and Beth opted for a trail ride out the back exit of the Park to explore. Shortly afterward, they determined it was too rough to enjoy and circled back. I had a short visit with Mike and Gary at the Pavilion and they briefed me on who had come-and-gone throughout the weekend thus far. By now, Armando and Paula had returned and wanted to explore the rough road Graeme had described (see Armando's pictures). Afterward, they agreed with Graeme. If they would have had a smaller bike, the two of them may still be back there?

Some decided to eat at the campsite and some of us went to Pam's Hateful Hussy diner downtown Talihina. When we arrived to the main street, it was closed to facilitate our third festival for the day. I'm not sure what they were celebrating, but it is charming to experience rural America enjoying the simple things. Paula tried her luck at the cake walk and I tried my luck at a chance game. (you purchase a plastic egg and take a chance on winning a prize inside). I took three tries and won some candy. Paula's luck wasn't as good. However, we all got lucky with a great dinner. (The chicken fried steak looked good, but the apple and coconut pies looked better).

We mosied back to the campfire and enjoyed a great evening under the stars. The campfire was full of conversational entertainment and I just sat and took it all in. It definitely marks the highlight of campouts.

We made an early departure Sunday morning (Armando was on a 5:30 pm flight to Brazil) and headed to Queen Wilhelmina Lodge for breakfast. The food may not be the best but the location and view is hard to beat, and on this very morning, it was the best. It's hard to catch the lodge for breakfast without some low clouds lingering nearby, but we had a great view on this morning. While at the lodge, I crossed paths with a gentleman (Clark Dishman) that I had worked with 10 years previous. We had a short chat about each other's trip. He was going to ride the scenic drive both ways this day. It can be a fun day, but the drive is 54 miles (one way) and can take a while.

We departed north (down the hill) and went west to catch 259 and then south to swiftly return home. I was home before 2 pm. Great weather the whole trip.


Charlie, Beth and Barry ready to depart from Spoons, none too soon
Allan and Barry immediately behind me as we cross the Carpenter's Bluff Bridge
Break in Boswell
Rick, Charlie, Graeme, Beth and Barry (out of the photo)
Anyone need a Bigfoot sign? What about the bottom one?
This aged John Deere engine continues to contribute by making ice cream
Rick Burgess and Barry Nelson enjoying the local fare
Charlie is preparing for his outdoor lunch
Paula and Armando enjoying the festival. Where's Bigfoot?
This young lady sold us some chances. John Westcott (right) is trying his luck too.
Former Post Office
I caught BigFoot sneaking out of the woods to terriorize these local ladies and dominate the man
Beth, Graeme, John, Rick, Barry and Charlie
Pat (from Guthrie) has the local forest map sprawled out on the ground with Graeme. Looking on is Barry, Paula and Armando.
The local Bingo Parlor
Our waitress for the evening
Packed up early the next morning ready to depart
Beth and Charlie at the overlook in front of the lodge