My Second Saddlesore and BunBurner

Bobby and I had been planning this BunBurner 1500 for a couple of months. In fact, we registered for the Deming BBQ in September for our November trip. We had hoped for beautiful weather, but it's not happening. Bobby met me at the Eagle's Nest for the first fuel stop. We then went west (the opposite direction), because we had to pick-up a few extra miles to satisfy our Saddlesore 1000 (SS1K) for the day. We were going to stop in Van Horn, TX on the way back to spend the night. At 5:00am the temperature was in the low 40's and moist. We thought it would warm up a bit; we didn't know we wouldn't feel it until Wickett, TX (the other side of Midland). Other than the coooool temperatures it wasn't too eventful on the way out. The demanding 120 mile stop for fuel was painful (timewise-our butts could use the stop).

After leaving McKinney we went south through Dallas, then west to Fort Worth and out I-20 to Kent, Tx before hooking up with I-10. We followed I-10 to Deming, NM and arrived promptly at 5:00pm (Deming time) for BBQ. When we arrived at Don Cameron's house, they had a big bond fire (we didn't know anyone). There must have been close to fifty bikes parked sporadically throughout the yard and driveway. I've never seen so many fuel cells in my life! Steve Aikens signed our paperwork documenting our turnaround point. We left within an hour and headed back to Van Horn. The ride from Deming to Las Cruces is one of the most beautiful views you'll find. Las Cruces sits up against the mountains. The night lights of the city joined by the full moon and the clear night made a beautiful scene. I wished I had taken a picture. I was determined to have mexican food on this trip, but Bobby wouldn't let me stop. I'm going to find another partner, this is ridiculous. We ended up in Van Horn and got the Motel attendant to sign our paperwork. We arrived about 11 or 11:30.

At four bells the next morning the temperature was about 22 degrees, but it was a dry (??) cold. We rode back to Kent before having breakfast. We wanted to ride a few miles before eating, to see if we would be able to handle the cold (not that we could change anything). It seemed OK?; We then rode to Wickett for our next fuel stop. The sun broke through the clouds and it was going to be a beautiful day (what weather station had we been watching?). Bobby took off a layer of clothes at the fuel stop to prevent us from having to stop later on.

Well........when we pulled back up on the ramp to get on 20 the north wind hit us, and hit us hard. What the hell is that? (I knew Bobby was asking.) The beginning of our long miserable day had begun, right at a time when we were well ahead of schedule and had anticipated a leisure ride home. By the time we were just past Big Springs the rain had set-in also. Now I knew what a dry cold was, and I wished I had it back. At Abilene we were soaking wet, but having fun (??). Bobby had tried trading vehicles with a truck driver, but the ole boy had better sense (the driver that is). We stopped at Ranger to thaw out and get some lunch. Bobby had his coffee cup refilled several times before he even had a drink. He had to unfreeze his hands with the cup first!. No kidding! Now I know why the weathermen talk so much about Abilene, the weather does really hit hard out there. I don't think it would had been so bad without the wet-spray from the trucks passing us by, and it was raining too hard to out-run the trucks. What do you do, we had to stay on schedule? The rest of the trip home was unchanged. We stopped at the Eagles Nest to get our fuel receipt. We then rode over to Don Brown's house to get our paperwork signed. He, his wife Jan, and Dan Christie were there to sign our paperwork. Even though they were ridiculing our insanity, I could see the gleam in Don's eye. I bet Don will go on the next trip! Bobby waved as he rode off to his home in Navo (or was that a non-verbal suggestion?).

The Man