1976 Frisco High School Reunion

October 1, 2011

Johnny Standerfer's house
14205 Redwood Circle N
McKinney, TX


This year's reunion was orchestrated by Johnny Standerfer, Sheryl (Templin) Fraze and Robin (Grounds) Hicks. While Robin and Sheryl rounded up everybody, Johnny did the cooking. It was a fun afternoon and here are the pictures to demonstrate it. (Please forward corrections to my spelling of names. I'll do a better job on the pictures next time.)



Dessert table is always popular
A few yearbooks to spur a conversation or two
Some side dishes to go with the BBQ
Memories have begun
Johnny was making last minute preparations with the BBQ
Dianne (Tittle) Fox taking the lead on the food (Dig-in everybody)
Christine (Liscano) Trevino & Rene Trevino
Vicki (Shook) Marshall, Wes Marshall & Sheryl (Templin) Fraze
Kevin Carter, Bobby Fox and Karl Hicks
Joy (O'Dell) Griffin, Thelma (Sterling) Griffin & Edie (Carter) Vaughn
Carolin (Berghauser) Reeves, Karl Hicks, Bobby Fox & Dianne (Tittle) Fox
Bobby Duncan, Blake Vaughn, Jack Cannaday & Rene Trevino
Kevin Carter, Barbra (Lindsay) Carter, Bubba Thomason and Sheryl (Templin) Fraze
Lynn Blake, Johnny Standerfer, Vicki (Shook) Marshall, Bob Griffin, Wesley Marshall
Joy (O'Dell) Griffin, Bubba Thomason, Roxie (O'Dell) Standerfer and Dianne (Tittle) Fox
Halston Standerfer (Johnny and Roxie's grandson)
Robin (Grounds) Hicks, Barbra (Lindsay) Carter, Rene Trevino and Karl Hicks
Karl Hicks, Kevin Carter, Edie (Carter) Vaughn, Johnny Standerfer & Blake Vaughn
Lynn Blake, Bobby Duncan & Jack Cannaday shooting the breeze
Roxie, Edie, Wes, Vicki & Sheryl
Chris & Tamara (Roberts) Riddle
Chris and Tamara (Roberts) Riddle
Lynn, Jack, Rene, Blake & Karl (I can't see anything good happening here)
Christine (Liscano) and Rene Trevino
Kimber & Carolin (Berghauser) Reeves (Carolin's granddaughter)
Vicki (Shook) and Wes Marshall
Sheryl (Templin) Fraze and Roxie (O'Dell) Standerfer
Karl & Robin (Grounds) Hicks, Go Coons!
Tamara (Roberts) and Chris Riddle
Jack Cannaday
Bobby Duncan
Blake Vaughn
Dianne (Tittle) and Bobby Fox (holding my granddaughter, Adalyn)
Blake & Edie (Carter) Vaughn
Barbara (Lindsay) Carter & Kevin Carter
Johnny and Roxie (a big thanks to them for hosting this fine event)
With grandson, Hayden Standerfer
Thelma & Bob Griffin stopping by to visit (my parents)

The only thing worse than my picture taking was my video photography. However, it does give you an overview of the event

Bo Griffin