BMW Crawfish Run
April 2009



Friday night pictures

Saturday photos
Side trip to Rayne, LA
Charles and Jim Peek
Bert, Sally & Joy ready for the day

Herman overseeing the Jump Start for Bud while Jim holds-up my bike
Trying to keep up
Mike, Jim, Dennis & Herman at a fuel stop on the way to Mamou
Charles and Jim
The line-up in Mamou, LA
Rob, Herman, Joy, Charles, and Jerry's back
Sam and Sally dancing on the left and Carol and Rick dancing on the right with Paul enjoying the tunes
Coke, it does the body good. Josey, Byron & Tom
This guy in the middle here appears to be the band mascot. His instrument was a triangle, but it had the "beater stick" wrapped in padding as to muffle the sound
Keith, Charlie and Cindy
Sam looks on while the gentleman is broadcasting over the radio
Keith, Charlie, Cindy, ? & Bert enjoying the entertainment
Sally looks on while the drummer pounds the tom tom
Next to Fred's Lounge in Mamou
Herman, Jim, Rob & Thomas preparing for the next leg
Mural in Mamou, LA
A beautiful Saturday morning
Jim, Byron and Sam parked across the street from Fred's
The piney woods tour to Mamou
Nick's in the background, out lunch stop (Eunice, LA)
Parking across the street from Nick's
Who else would plan a meal with dessert first except for Tom!
Our entertainment for lunch
Keith and Herb discussing their great trip
The full atmosphere
Charles, Mike, Jim, Sam, Josey & Jim (Don't dare jump between a man and his fork)
Jim, Denise & Shalinda enjoying Crawfish etouffe
Herb, Dennis, Denise & Charlie
Shalinda, Paul, Judy, Jim & Tom
This a perfect example of how you're supposed to look after a full day of riding. As if you completed your day to the fullest as Patt has.
The Jazz Festival next to The Cane River
Recognize this house?
All the flowers were in full bloom everywhere!
One of the many Bed and Breakfasts in Natchitoches behind Joy and Bud
Sam at Departure time Sunday morning with a full salute
I Stopped at the Southwest Dairy Museum for a picture on the way home