My Trip to Dodge City, KS
Boot Hill, Dodge City, KS
Wyat Earp Blvd, Dodge City,KS
Waving Caboose at Feedlot
Riding through the feedlot
Dodge City Feedlot
Breakfast time
Lonely Kansas Hwy
Wheat trucks ready for work
Combines ready for work
Hwy 412 in Northwest OK

June 21, 2003, I took a quick trip to Dodge City to have breakfast. Joy and I had to attend a wedding for her cousin on Saturday afternoon. I rode my scoot to the wedding with a quick-change. During the reception, I changed into my riding gear and headed out (Joy was on the way to an overnight gambling trip with her sisters and mother.)

I headed north through OKC and then northwest to Woodward,Ok for the night. I camped at the Boiling Springs State Park (Woodward), and took an early Sunday morning departure to Dodge City. I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the rolling terrain of the Oklahoma and Kansas countryside. There was a combination of farm and ranch land. I'll certainly make this trip again. There are as many feedlots as there are grain elevators. A great way to get back connected with rural America.