Dodge City and over to Topeka, KS

June 9 & 10, 2012

Off to ride across some territory in search of a nice place to host a Ride-to-Eat event in the future. My other committee members are off frying bigger fish this weekend. I'll just do this one myself. First stop, Dodge City, KS. Second Stop, Topeka, KS, third stop, St Louis, MO, fourth stop, Tulsa, Ok


First night's stop was Dodge City on a Friday night
Waking up to beautiful Kansas and all it has to offer
Chooooo chooooo
Caution, dangerous territory
Dodge City has plenty of feedlots
  And, plenty of meat packing plants
However, what Dodge City didn't offer, was a restaurant that grabbed my eye? onward
Traveling to Topeka brought the tour of farms
Bobo's Drive In at Topeka looked good
Tasted good too. However, it was small?
How about Sweetie Pies in St Louis?
A smorgasbord of good food. The catfish was the best I ever had.
A quick swing by the Arch
Another view point
And, to top it all off, a good night's rest at a motel on Route 66 in Lebanon, MO
Departure, and on my way home. Stopped in Tulsa at BrewBurgers, but it was closed for the day. Next time.