Dual Sport Discovery Pics



I had originally planned on going north to cross the Red River, but planned an option-B going out west to avoid the Hurricane Ike per this link. When Gary and Steve showed up to go with me, we discussed the current situation only to agree to go west and have lunch at Greenwood. It was a good choice and we had a good ride. I thoroughly enjoyed the route. These pictures were taken with my phone camera and not quite as good as I would like, but it gives you an idea of our trail for the day.
The headlights are overpowering but the trail was protected with a heavy dose of trees
No, we're not at Bob Speer's place, but they have something in common.......goats.
I know this might mean something to somebody, but not us.
Steve is happy to be in the middle of this construction zone that is supposed to be closed.
Nice little dirt road that is hard packed after the rain this week. It was just right for us.
Where are we? Does anybody have a map?
Steve didn't need a dual sport bike today, just ride what you have.
The pictures just don't do our ride justice, I'll have to get my real camera back soon.
Greenwood Grocery is a great place for lunch break
Steve, standing proud after a big ride
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