A ride to the Hill Country, May 15, 16 & 17

I took a little ride down to the Hill Country to meet up with some friends for a weekend of riding. I ventured over to Mexico to have lunch on Saturday too. My pictures didn't turnout too well, but here they are anyway.

Jim Wright couldn't pass an opportunity to donate to the local kids football team in exchange for a cupcake. (Camp Wood, TX)
A quick photo along the Nueces River south of Camp Wood
Jim Wright and his trusty steed
Rose Ann coming back from the Movie set
The Alamo (Movie Set)
The Movie Set (Brackettville, TX)
The Town Marshal claimed his only bullet was in the shop for repairs, so he's letting a lot of things slide today.
But, he put me in jail anyway?
Jim is bellied up to the bar drinking an Orange Soda
Roland and Rose Ann didn't get past the Marshal either. They are marched into the jail cell as well.
The wait to get into and out of Mexico wasn't good at this crossing spot.
Stopping in Ciudad Acuna for a bite to eat.
My chef for the day is preparing me a burrito de pollo.
The border crossing at Lake Amistad
The Border Crossing is at each end of the dam at Lake Amistad. This view is looking behind the dam.
The border crossing at the dam was much shorter and easier than Del Rio/Acuna. I will definitely use this one again.
The cactus certainly enjoyed the rain