We're off to Hyder, AK

July, 2010


From Dumas to Louisville, Co

Joy and I headed out Friday after work. We'll meet up with everyone else in Cody, Wy.


It rained on us from Denton to Amarillo (Friday)

Wacky clouds (Friday)

Determined to try and get out of Texas today. However, we stopped at Dumas. (Friday)
Most of what we saw early in the morning, rural west Texas
While we were easing through Clayton, we saw Bud and Armando's bikes resting
We're here
Bishop's Castle
The Castle is always under construction
Notes from Jim Bishop
The start of the moat. You can see the water underneath
Just one of the staircases to the Castle
The chimney smokestack
Joy going up another set of stairs
Jim Bishop while working on the Castle (and talking to the guests)
Joy inside the Castle
Let me have a swing at this thing
Art in the window
Elevator shaft
That is Bishop up in the very top of the castle screaming comments abroad. He can be entertaining if you are not offended by much. He was talking very rough about Obama and various political issues. (He is a character)
We met Susan Stroud Crain in Woodland Park. She is a fellow classmate from Frisco. We had lunch.
Kim (Susan's daughter), Jacob (Susan's grandson), Susan, and Joy
Eating lunch with Pike's Peak in the background
Jacob is going to give it a test ride
But, not without a helmet
Susan is leading us to her house
More remote
Oh yes, here we are, very nice, Jacob has helmet will ride
Kim and Jacob are taking an imaginery spin on Susan's husband's (Ray) Harley. It looked very nice.
The inside of Susan's wonderful home
Her plant projects
Dining room
Party Patio
How big is your deck?
Susan, Joy and Kim at the back of the house. Where's Jacob?
Here he is. One last spin with the helmet.
Some of the scenery leaving Susan's house
How did this house on the hill survive the fire?
Annette, Joy and Lynne here at their house where we stayed Saturday night. Lynne is Joy's cousin
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