From Louisville to Cody

July, 2010




Last night, we had the fortune of staying with Joy's cousin in Louisville, Co. We were fed Mexican food and taken on a tour of both Louisville and Boulder before retiring for the night in our own downstairs bedroom, bathroom and laundry room. Great stay. However, Lynne and Annette couldn't let us leave without sharing some Colorado thunder and dark clouds upon our departure. It remained gloomy for the first few hours until we got to Laramie, Wy. After that, we had a very nice day. The low was 53 for the day while the high got near 75 (for a short period). Regardless, of a little bit of wet, we had a great ride.

North of Fort Collins, Co on 287

Split Rock
That is a long road, much of what we saw today.
Three tunnels just north of Shoshoni, Wy (I love tunnels)
Near Thermopolis Hot Springs
Are those teepees real?
I hit a bird today
We visited the Museum in Cody
Inside the Museum
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