We're off to Hyder, AK

Shelby to Radium Hot Springs

July, 2010


The climate was wonderful all day. Someone said it got up to 77 degrees. All I know is, it was great. We went inside Glacier National Park to have breakfast this morning and watched a black bear stroll by, while we were eating. When we got to the top of the "Going to the Sun" highway, we found two construction areas that required pilot cars. The first section was gravel but not too long, the second section was roughly paved but a little longer. Bud had a "brake failure" light come on so we had to give him plenty of clearance. However, so far so good. The passage took several hours as a result of the construction and heavy traffic but well worth the time.

Joy also got to see a Moose along with an eagle for the day.

I got my first lesson in Canada economics. An Arizona green tea cost me $2.61 in American money. My room tonight was $124 and my room for tomorrow night is over $200. Anyone can go first class, just some of us can't stay long. I'm only going to be able to spend about a nano second here in Canada.

We had a great dinner at the hotel tonight and will be taking a late departure in the morning. We only have 80 miles to travel tomorrow to make it to Banff for our next stop.


We struggled with this view while having breakfast

Getting close to the top
Following the pilot car through the tunnel
Wet road and construction equipment
They've sure improved the looks of construction people now days. She advised us it was a 10 minute wait. She missed that prediction by a long shot
Rob is very impatient of the wait. However, his passenger see's it as "no problem"
Jim Schumacher is telling his story to a new found friend from Midland, Tx. Is that a cloud up ahead?
Karen is marching down there to get this mess cleared up so we can be on our way!
More patience being demonstrated?
Ahhhhhhh...........Mama and kid
Don't they know it is dangerous stolling amongst us humans?
Stopping by the river to smell the roses...........
Stopping at West Glacier for a quick walk-around and bathroom break
Uh oh, Houston we have a problem. When Joy and I got ready to leave the bike died as I put it into gear. Thank goodness I had been through this problem before and knew the solution. However, it was even simplier than I thought. The kickstand switch had just come loose and needed to be resecured. Jim was standing ready with the necessary part (nylon zip tie) and we were back in travel mode in short order.
Bud, you could at least pretend you are sincere about the wave. (parked in front of our lunch spot in Eureka, Mt)
I couldn't help but take a picture of the flowers. What are these other objects?
Apparently, no one is eating healthy at this table
Wow, put your mouth around this.
As if that wasn't enough, let's have some onion rings
The party table
Hello Canada
We did see more than a few dead animals along the road
At Radium Hot Springs for the night
Our trail going up to our room
Our quaint little hotel in Radium Hot Springs
The view from our room
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