We're off to Hyder, AK

Radium Hot Springs to Banff

July, 2010




Today was just an easy day so we could rest and enjoy Banff and all of it's greatness. Bud is having some brake issues (Servo) so he's gone in to Calgary to see if he can get it resolved. And yes, he got it resolved. Meanwhile, we checked into a very expensive hotel and are just enjoying the lounge life. However, we did sneak off to ride the gondola up to the top of the mountain to have a quick lunch. After lunch, they decided to do some quick maintenance on the ride that took about an hour and a half. That left us hung up on the top of the mountain for a whole lot longer than we would have liked. Overall, the day was very nice and relaxing.

Tomorrow, we're going to ride up the Icefields past Lake Louise and Jasper.

p.s. Richard Swim joined us tonight.

The entrance to Rimrock

Paula, Herman and Jim parking the bikes in our preferred customer location negotiated by Jim
Jim and Herman waiting to get tickets to the Gondola. The bus in the background is what is used to transport people up on the Glacier in the icefields near Jasper.
The gondola going up the mountain
This helicopter was airlifting materials to a jobsite up on the mountain
Jim is excited about our choice of lunch stops
The view from the gondola
Our hotel in Banff
Banff from 7500 feet at the top of the mountain
Herman is checking out the scenery
Joy, Bo, Herman, Jim and Rob having lunch at 7500 feet
Herman, Rob and Joy with Banff in the background
Herman, Rob and me with the mountaintops
Karen can't get enough pictures
She caught me snapping the shot
The helicopter from a different view. He is placing the beams in place to be fastened to the structure. He is looking out a domed window to articulate below.
The beams in place to begin a structure of some sort
A Grand View
The gondola going down the mountain
Herman and Jim riding the bus to town
Now in town, what do we do?
Karen and Joy finally spotted a moose in Canada
These girls have been wanting a hamburger
Horse drawn carriage
Bud is losing his spare change and trying to find the problem (hole in the pocket)
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