We're off to Hyder, AK

Banff to McBride

July, 2010


We had a special guest appearance last night from Richard Swim and he joined us for breakfast this morning.

Great day today again. We saw several elk as we departed Banff this morning and happened by a bear before breakfast at Lake Louise. After breakfast, we made a jaunt up through the icefields on the way to Jasper for lunch. We tried to stop at Tetejuane to see the Salmon at the point farthest inland that the Salmon spawn, however we were told that wouldn't happen until about August. So, we went on to McBride to spend the night.

Karen got a dinner reommendation, AND it was only supposed to be a couple of blocks down the street. After wondering around town (on foot) and getting 4 more "opinions" of where this place was, we arrived (a couple of miles from the hotel). And yes, the food was very good and worth the walk. However, we ate so much we had to get a ride back to our room.



Joy and Bo at Lake Louise
Richard Swim, Herman vanBeek, Bud and Karen Eastburn, Bo and Joy Griffin, Jim Schumacher and Rob Spruell
Lake Louise all by itself
Taken from inside the Fairmont Hotel where we had breakfast (glacier)
Fairmont in the background
Love and Peace sign coming from the Park attendent
Riding down the road and caught a glacier off on our left reflecting in the lake
Stopped at a construction site
approaching the Columbia icefields
Stopping at the Columbia icefields visitor center (the buses are crossing the glacier in the background)
Joy and Bo at Sunwapta Falls near Jasper
Karen and Bud
In Jasper to have lunch
Our ride back from dinner (Jim is in the cab, and Herman is taking the photo)
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