We're off to Hyder, AK

McBride to Smithers

July, 2010




Today's run is going to be pretty basic, just ride (360 miles). We don't have a lot of stops on the agenda. However, I did make a connection with some real nice folks from Prince George that Don and I met back in 2002 on my first trip to Hyder. Dave and Cheryl Owen have hosted many rides to Hyder from Prince George. Don and I were lucky enough to have been a part of one of those rides.

Dave had sent me a reply to my email and said he would be home until noon today. Therefore, we saddled our horses and rode to Prince George to take a few minutes to visit with the Owen's on our way to Smithers for the day.

Our visit went great and we were back on the road in short order. The temps stayed very comfortable all day and we were in Smithers by 4 pm.

Once I arrived in Smithers, we checked into the motel and I eased out to their Twin Falls to take a snapshot.

We'll be in Hyder tomorrow by early afternoon.

Getting ready to depart the hotel this morning

Can you find the deer in this photo?
I am talking to Cheryl about our plans for Hyder
Dave (far left) is exchanging stories with Jim, Bud, Rob and Karen
Everyone is interacting with Motorcycle travel stories
Cheryl is telling me about their future plans to retire and relocate in the next year or so (much more riding then)
Bud is taking this opportunity to prepare for some more riding
Rob, Herman, Cheryl, Jim, Dave, Bo, Karen and Bud
Who's missing in this picture? Who is added?
I'm on the way to Twin Falls
Continuing on the way to Twin Falls. It is steeper than it looks
Now I am off the bike and on my feet. (I'm not designed for this sort of thing) It required about two miles of hard packed gravel road and 200 yards of uphill walking trail to reach the bottom of the falls. I had to stop four times to catch my breath.
The rapids as a result of the falls
One of the falls
The major and larger of the two falls
Motel for the night with a small glacier in the background
a view of the glacier from the hotel
Herman, Rob, Karen and Bud enjoying some ice cream in the parking lot
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