We're off to Hyder, AK

Smithers to Hyder

July, 2010




Great day with more bears! (Be sure and click on Karen's video below)

We departed Smithers this morning promptly by 8 am. It was our intention to have lunch at "the bus" in Hyder. We made a brief stop at Moricetown to watch the Natives do some net fishing in the river at a point the river converges through a small area and creates rapids with a good opportunity to net some salmon. The salmon don't seem to be "active" as it is too early in the season. We made another stop at the Kitwanga junction to get fuel and take a quick snapshot.

I saw two bears between that point and the 37/37a intersection 100 miles north of that point.

The last 38 miles to Hyder are absolutely the most awesome of today's ride. It has numerous water falls along both sides of the road on this last leg of the trail. It is very unsafe in that you are constantly gawking at the mountainside and forget to focus on the road (an important aspect of riding through this country filled with wild animals).

We stopped by Bear Glacier briefly for a group photo that is about 20 miles out of Hyder. Additionally, within the last 10 miles of the trail, we spotted a black bear and her two cubs out roaming around. Joy shot a quick photo as we poked along about 10 mph. Joy's picture didn't turn out very well, but check out Karen Eastburn's video that turned out great. Her, Bud, Armando and Paula stopped, filmed and took several pictures of the mama bear.

We stopped at the entrance to the huge town of Hyder to grab the necessary photo when you travel this far to the unique experience and ran across the Fudge lady sitting on her porch. Voni Glaves had left a message to be sure and say hello to the Fudge lady and I got lucky and found her at the entrance to the town. I rode up to her porch and exchanged howdy do's and told her Voni sent me to say hello. She is more than an interesting person. She was a music teacher in Oregon and came up here on one of her summer vacations and just "stayed"? Later this day she offered us some free fudge while playing some music for us. The music and fudge was so good we had to purchase some more fudge and tee shirts to enjoy later. She was a treat to spend some time with. Our group of 9 are not short of conversation to engage with most anyone along the way and this was no exception.

While standing at the entrance of Hyder and taking photos of the bikes lined up on the street in front of the fudge lady's business, a black bear walks across the street. I couldn't believe my eyes, nor could I focus quick enough to get the picture I would have loved to have taken. Although, you can distinguish what it is if you squint enough.

We also had lunch at the bus (I don't have pictures because both of my camera batteries were exhausted and I was presently recharging them). After that, we rode to the bear observation area but was about one week too soon to witness the arrival of the salmon (bear food)

Armando and Paula rode out to the second glacier (salmon glacier) to see it. That glacier is about 20 miles north of town. Go see Armando's photo blog to see those pictures.

The Motel didn't have any internet service and only one TV channel so we're stranded for our usual entertainment. We were forced to sit on the porch and enjoy the view and each other's company.

The trip has been unusually great. We couldn't have been more fortunate on catching the weather so perfect. The weather plays such a large part in viewing the areas. We have been lucky. None of the pictures do any of it justice, but it's the only way we can share a glimpse of it.

Scenery leaving Smithers

Moricetown Indian Fishing for Salmon
Karen, Bud, Armando, Paula, Bo, Herman, Joy, Rob and Jim (almost there)
Within 25 miles of Hyder
Group photo in front of Bear Glacier (20 miles from Hyder)
Black bear and two cubs
Video furnished by Karen Eastburn (nice work)
Made it to Hyder
Riding out on the dock for a look see
Joy and Paula out over the water
Karen and Bud
The fudge lady is playing tunes for us on a dulcimer. She was a music teacher in her other life.
We're parked at the Fudge lady's business. What's that crossing the street.
Riding out to the bear observation platform
Everyone else is going too
On the platform
Joy is enthused
Everyone listening to the Park Ranger
The Grandview Inn (our home for the night)
From the second story of the motel
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