We're off to Hyder, AK
on the Ferry today from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy

July 12, 2010




Today we were up by 4:30 am to be at the Ferry by 5:30. The ride is around 15 hours. We purchased a cabin along with the regular ticket, so we could take naps as necessary. Bud and Karen split a room with us. The room had two twin beds and a television. We did not have any internet service.

It's too early for a flash

Showing our ticket as well as our passport to enter the ferry
At staging for the ferry
Totem Pole
Our ferry boat
A closer shot of the boat
Staying out of the rain for a moment
Riding down the ramp
That is a very large space
The strapping down process (They furnish one large strap, and we brought some smaller ones)
Double checking our work
Checking in with the Purser's office to get our cabin
Easing by a container yard
Bud and Joy
Karen in line for breakfast (about $8 to $10)
Checking to make sure we're alright (Tanya)
You know you're getting everything out of your vacation when you can sleep sitting upright
Some computer work (but no internet)
Karen is the photo queen
Rob is scouting the boat
This is the deck with all the cabins
The outside view from the 5th deck
Jim and Rob contemplating the day's activities
We went back downstairs to doublecheck everything (They let us down for 15 minutes every so many hours)
The back outside deck
They were serving a hot dog lunch outside today
Herman negotiating the lunch while Bud counts his money to see if he has enough
Back deck scenery
The cabin bathroom
The cabin
The whole group just chillin' in the evening
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