We're off to Hyder, AK

Port Hardy to Forks, WA

July 13, 2010




We arrived at Port Hardy on the Ferry late at night and went to a quaint motel to spend the night. We got up the next morning and had breakfast in Port Hardy before riding 300 miles to Victoria. As we stopped at a red light in the heart of the busy city, Rob's 1300 GT died and wouldn't restart. After pushing the bike onto the sidewalk, Jim gave it a jump start and we were back on our way around the corner to the ferry. We had to grab a quick hot dog for lunch while waiting on the ferry and the border patrol to clear us back to the states.

While on the ferry (crossing to Port Angeles), Dave and Pam Rogoski ran across Herman and asked if he was riding with me. Herman responded yes, and brought the two international travelers to the snack room to meet me. Dave and Pam followed me on my ride to South America, and I too, followed their ride to South America. We had never met, but have had many emails back and forth. Dave and Pam had been to Vancouver Island to spend a few days of relaxation on the island. They live in Washington state. It was a very fun meeting and a big surprise to the three of us to "happen" across each other's path.

After deboarding the ferry, we had a 57 mile trek through some fantastic roads to arrive in Forks, Wa at twilight. I have no idea what the crazy connection this town has with fame, but I do know that it costs a whole lot for an overnight stay in a medocre motel?

I'm ready, let's go!

Me too!
I need some sleep
What's going on here?
Our quaint motel in Port Hardy
Our first road of the day. Unfortuntately, it was the wrong one and Bud soon got us turned around and headed in the right direction for breakfast. However, it was a good road.
Breakfast in Port Hardy
The tide is definitely "out" as we follow this shoreline road to Victoria
There was a lot of trees along the road as well
The Empress in Victoria
Checking out the old boat
Floatplane getting into position for takeoff
Unique little tourist boat
Waiting to board the ferry too
We only had time to grab a quick hot dog before boarding the ferry. They quit for the day after Herman, Joy and I got ours?
Here comes the ferry
Jim is arriving on top deck
Just glad to be here
Let's get this show on the road
Armando isn't quite as enthused. Paula, on the other had, is excited
Bud is ready, but Karen is too busy on facebook
Passing the cruise ship as we depart the port
I'm going to take this minute to grab a bite, since the hot dog stand shut down before I could get a dog
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