We're off to Hyder, AK
Forks to Coos Bay, OR

July 14, 2010




When we arrived at the motel in Forks the night before and Richard and Debbie Swim were waiting on us in the parking lot. They had spent a couple of days in the Vancouver/Victoria area and met us in Forks to ride with us to Coos Bay, OR

We all had breakfast together but did our usual split before leaving town. Several had to hang around town and take some extra photos and by some "twilight" souvenirs before leaving. Me, on the other hand, could just leave town.

It's hard to imagine each day being so filled with new and entertaining good riding, but that is exactly the case. We were fortunate in having a new experience each and every day. The inland roads were filled with twisted tree lined roads and the coastline was filled with miles of sometimes sandy and sometimes rocky scenes of eye candy. It made it hard to focus with the constant scanning from here to there.

Joy and I reached the Columbia river alone, but as soon as we crossed the large bridge we met Jim, Rob, and Herman at the bottom of the bridge at Astoria. Bud and Karen soon followed behind and by the time we found a lunch spot, Richard and Debbie had tracked us down by using the Radio. We all enjoyed a great lunch and departed separately again to enjoy what we needed from the day's travel.

Joy and I reached the Bay Bridge Motel at Coos Bay early enough to take a couple of extra photos and met Betty (our motel hostess). Soon after, everyone joined us and we decided to order takeout across the phone. Unfortunately, it was 9 pm and the delivery service had shut down for the evening. Joy made a deal with Bay Bridge Betty to drive across the bridge and get us some grub from the local 24 hour cafe for a small compensation of buying Betty's evening meal. Most of us enjoyed the meal intensely because of the late night arrival. Even Jim enjoyed his mashed potatoes even though he had to eat it with the remaining bones from his chicken dinner. You see, Betty forgot to get us any utensils to eat with. Oh well, we were glad to get to eat.

This gives you an idea of the neighborhood we were in

along the Columbia river approaching the Oregon state line
This is the beginning of a very large bridge
Crossing the Or/Wa state line
approaching Astoria, OR (a very neat place)
meeting up with Rob, Herman and Jim
Richard and Debbie met us for lunch just off of downtown
sitting inside the "Alaskan Bake" having lunch
The Pilot boat next door
the campfire salmon and sweet potato salad (mine)
The chicken pot pie (Joy's)
Other's delight, it ranged from clam chowder to fish tacos
Talking trash about who's was the best (mine)
a typical shoreline view in Oregon
a typical inland road in Oregon
Checkout the size of that rock
This handsome steed continues to hold up after 144,000 miles (next to one of the many lighthouses)
Bay Bridge at Coos Bay, OR (our motel is at the left end of the bridge)
The sand dunes that made up a large portion of the Oregon Coast (several four wheelers are at the bottom of the dunes)
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