We're off to Hyder, AK
Coos Bay to Bodega Bay, CA

July, 2010




Richard and Debbie split off today to go to Tahoe. Paula and Armando opted for a late start. Herman, Rob and Jim took 101 south. Bud, Karen, Joy and I went south on 101 to Pacific Coast 1 which was a scenic and very curvy ride 450 miles south to Bodega Bay. The road and scenery are everything that anyone has ever promised. Very nice, but took us "all" day to make.

We saw plenty of construction

Bud and Karen enjoying the scenery (maybe they are the scenery?)
The coast with a light fog
Trees and curves
There's a surprise around every corner
riding through the very large redwoods
you can sure measure the height of the trees next to the cars
lumberjack country
a little heavier fog
the trail up to the drive-through tree
ah................the tree
others were there to drive through the tree
both of wedging through
treehouse or outhouse?
how old are you?
wonderful riding
miles amd miles of this
eat your wheaties before you start your day
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