We're off to Hyder, AK
Bodega Bay to Kingman, AZ

July 16, 2010




This was the finale of our entire trip. All nine of us left Bodega Bay to meet at the Bayside Cafe in Sausalito. We had a great breakfast and said our goodbyes. We all had separate plans and time schedules on getting back home.

Bud and I would be going to the Oakland Airport to drop off Karen and Joy so they could fly home. Both of them had other committments for Saturday, not to mention the ride home was going to be very ugly.

We departed the Cafe and took a quick tour across the Golden Gate Bridge, then rode all through downtown to pick up the Oakland Bay bridge before arriving at the Airport to say a temporary "so long".

We rode through America's vegetable and fruit patch at 107 degrees to arrive at Barstow a little before 7 pm. We stalled a few minutes consuming a couple of bottles of water before heading out across the Mojave desert on the way to Kingman, Az to spend the night. The temps reached 115 while passing through Needles, Ca and that was after dark. By the time we reached Kingman it was down to 95 and we were very relieved to have rising terrain and reducing temps.

Bud wanted an Iron Butt certificate so we got some paperwork and a witness Saturday morning and headed home. The climate was much better than expected and we had a very uneventful ride back home to arrive by 1 am on Sunday (and qualified for the Iron Butt saddlesore). I rode to Whitewright to have breakfast and everyone was kind enough to sign my witness form for the certificate.

This was one of my favorite trips.

Our quaint little home for the night

The bay is pretty handy from here
The clouds are starting out pretty low this morning
That's Alcatraz from Sausalito
The shoreline drive from the Bayside Cafe around to the Golden Gate bridge
typical weather at the Golden Gate Bridge
typical streetcar street
Easing through downtown
motorcycle parking downtown
the lower deck of the Oakland Bay Bridge
downtown from the Bay Bridge (homeward bound)
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