September 10, 2012

Milan to Levanto




Our first day went great. We overslept about an hour because Joy kept us out too late Sunday night. Steve Sandler called promptly at 9 am, and we jumped up and prepared for the day. Soon after, Steve and Eligio (owner of Mototouring) came over and picked us up. Armando was waiting on us at the rental shop. We had the gps and spot mounted on the rental bike within the hour as well as the walk-around inspection and associated paperwork.

We departed by 11 and followed Armando back to his hotel to pick-up Paula. Milan brought many challenges as we were escaping the city, but all were accomplished as we were southbound to Levanto within an hour. (nothing wrong with a U-turn or two) We cheated by using the Autostrada for about the first 75 miles before taking the more scenic local roads. At our lunch stop, Armando pulled up beside us and said he was going to locate a BMW shop, because he was sure he had a clutch issue that needed to be replaced. (and, in fact, it did, and he is there now getting that done. We'll see him in a day or two.)

After lunch, we followed the most twisty road in Italy across Genova and on to Levanto, arriving at 6 pm. We thought we might be able to catch the train down to the Cinque Terre area, but the sun came down too soon to get it all done. We decided on supper at a local street cafe and we'll swing through Cinque Terre tomorrow. The temperature was great today. (I don't know what it was, but it was great.)

Our hotel Sunday night. Our room was on the second floor, last one on the right.

You can see Joy peeping out of the room.
A closer view.
This is their car entrance to private parking.
A soccer ball lays in the parking area with the rooms above.
This is our lunch stop in the background. We re-mounted the bikes and rode through the doorway behind Joy's head to the restaurant parking area.
A quick picture first.
Steve is preparing for lunch. We are now parked inside the building and in front of the dining area.
Joy is scouting the beach area of Genova.
While Steve is preparing for a square dance with his camera, we are searching for Gelato in a neighborhood street mall.
It looks like Joy found it.
This is the late evening supper at a local street cafe.
And again, shopping for Gelato. You can see, Joy takes this very serious.
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